A Communion Hymn

Take Bread, Take Wine

Click the keyboard to play the MIDI music. Or, if you have Noteworthy Composer or Noteworthy Viewer, you can download the NWC file. The words of all 5 verses are below. Note that the last three lines of each verse repeat.

And here is the score in PDF.

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Bread and wine
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Take bread, take wine,

Look back to the cross where

Our Lord shed his blood to erase all our sin.

Proclaim his death

That opened a fountain

Of covenant blessings, a life-giving stream.


The cross and tomb

Now hold him no longer;

Remembrance of Christ is of one who's alive.

No funeral this,

Rejoice and look up;

See him seated at Majesty's right hand on high.


Don't feast alone,

The blood of the covenant

Has saved a vast number of whom you're but one.

Look round and see

Your brothers and sisters,

For they are Christ's body, your kin in the Son.


One loaf, one cup

Declare we're united,

No strife in the body but love shown to all.

Look in, therefore,

Examine your own heart

Expecting God's grace, not his judgment, to fall.


Until he comes

We meet at this table,

Affirming our union in Jesus, God's Son.

Once more, once less,

Partake and look forward,

By life and by lip crying, 'Lord Jesus, come!'


Copyright © David Matthew 1993

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Take Bread