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Quotes Piquantes

Bible Made Impossible

Seeing Is Believing

God Of The Possible

The Bible Tells Me So

The Fall Of The Church

Grasshopper Myth

Biblical Inerrancy

A Farewell To Mars

God's Undertaker

The Man Christ Jesus

Sexual Healing

A Letter To My Congregation

Beyond The Bible To Theology

Benefit Of The Doubt

Speaking Of Jesus

Evangelical Theology

Council of Nicea

Tithing After The Cross

About The Qur'an

Allah: A Christian Response

The Lie of Hell

The Faith Once Entrusted?

Tom Wright For Everyone


Lost World of Gen 1

The King Jesus Gospel

Misread Scrip With Western Eyes


Gunning For God

Repenting Of Religion

Creationism And Evolution

Walking With Gay Friends

Arminian Theology

How God Became King

Calvinism: Pro & Con

Why Did Jesus...Cross The Road?

God's Word to Evangelicals

The Jesus Scandals

The God I Don't Understand

The Fire That Consumes

Paul: Fresh Perspectives

Surprised By Hope

The Evolution Of Adam

Inspiration And Incarnation

God's Word In Human Words

Perspectives On Election

Win The World

Answering Islam

Through My Eyes

Heaven On Earth

The Lost Symbol

How To Read The Bible...

No Other Name

Cross And Crescent

What The Bible Really Teaches

Jesus Thro' Middle Eastern Eyes

Creation Or Evolution

The Selfless Gene

The Next Christendom

The Blue Parakeet

Fed up with church?

The Evangelical Universalist


Theol Interpretation of Scripture

Assessing E.W. Kenyon

Why Sin Matters

Christus Victor

Being a Monk

Divine Spiration of Scripture

Mary For All Christians

Zion's Christian Soldiers?

Continuity & Discontinuity

Beyond the Bible

Beyond Sex Roles

Giants of Yesteryear

Christian Zionism

Apostolic Networks in Britain

Discovering Biblical Equality

From Home to the Throne

Preach the Word

A Passion For God's Story

Light Force

Worshipping Trinity

Like Father Like Son

Infant Baptism

Evangelicals and Tradition

The Gospel-driven Church

Jim Packer Gems

A Theology of the Dark Side

Beyond the Impasse

Holiness and Sexuality

Bad Worship Songs

Eastern Orth Theology

Universal Salvation?

On Revival

Holy Spirit Baptism

Christian Thought

Here I Stand

Hagin Copeland etc

Dark Star Safari


Biog Dict of Evangelicals

Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce book summary

Apostles: the Fathering Servant

Diff Doctrine of the Love of God


Whose Promised Land?


Restoration History

Bits and Pieces

Arty Bits


Take Bread

Under Your Rule

The Amos Song

Graphic Art



DeeMatt Photography

Mailing List

Shorter Writings

Shades of Grey

A Meal of Vegetables

Apostolic Authority

Breaking Covenant

Brown Shins

Bungalow Living

Catching Men

Charles's Off-Day

Fatties and Flagellants



Holy Gobbledygook

Just A-Passin' Through?

Left Behind? Yes Please!

Miserable Sinners?

Mother of Jesus

No Revival So What Now?

Organs and Harps

Ought For My Comfort?

Red Herring in Galilee

Sailcloth and Stones

Shifting Ground

Struggling With God

Tail Wags Dog

The Oil Business

The Pastor The Problem

The Right Coins

The Rod That Thudded

The Same But Different

Wart Treatment

Windows On The Word

Gen: Pictures Of Salvation

Exo: The Great Escape

Lev: Approaching A Holy God

Num: The Desert Is A Choice

Deu: A Time Of Change

Jos: The Way Of Victory

Jdg: Faith In Faithless Times

Rut: A Happy Ending

1Sa: Self-Rejection

2Sa: David And His Dynasty

1Ki: Wisdom And Weakness

2Ki: The Sorrow Of Exile

1Ch: Rewriting History

2Ch: Seeking God

Ezr: The Hand Of God

Neh: Know Your Enemy

Est: God In Life's Details

Job: Why Me, Lord?

Psa: A Safe Stronghold

Pro: Watch Your Words!

Ecc: Under The Sun

Song: A Man And A Woman

Isa: I Saw The Lord

Jer: New Steps Of Faith

Lam: The Church In Ruins

Ezek: You're Responsible

Dan: Good Man; God's Plan

Hos: A Door Of Hope

Joel: Bad Times, Good Times

Amos: The Lion Roars

Oba: Bitterness Bites Back

Dave's Deliberations

Jamie Bulger's killers

Basic Christian Living

BwG1: Repentance And Faith

BwG2: Baptism

BwG3: Rec The Holy Spirit

BwG4: Prayer

BwG5: You And Your Bible

BwG6: Conscience

BwG7: Living By Grace

BwG8: The Lord's Supper

BwG9: Christ's Lordship

BwG10: Serving In Church

BwG11: Church Life

BwG12: Going On With God

GiG1: You And Your Body

GiG2: Emotional Freedom

GiG3: Your Thought-Life

GiG4: Bible Meditation

GiG5: Knowing God's Will

GiG6: The Cross In Your Life

GiG7: Sexuality

GiG8: Beating Temptation

GiG9: The World

GiG10: In The Workplace

GiG11: God's Discipline

GiG12: The Return Of Jesus

Diggers Bible Studies


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