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Short essays on Christian topics where many people take a ‘black and white’ stand, whereas in reality they are not as clear-cut but more ‘shades of grey’. Examples: apostolic authority, vegetarianism, zionism, health and healing...and lots more.

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Even shorter, blog-style pieces on a variety of subjects, including a good death, the Church of England and natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Two 12-part courses for new Christians. Ideal for taking them forward after Alpha courses and the like. Beginning with God covers the basics like prayer, the Bible and baptism. Growing in God goes onto practical issues like sexuality, the thought-life, the world of work, and handling everyday hassles.

Bible studies ideal for small group studies where everybody chips in. There are background notes for the group leader, and questions to keep the discussion on track. Materials are available on James, selected Psalms, Colossians, Joshua and Mark.

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Shorter Writings

A message from each book of the Bible. This is not an attempt to summarise each book. Rather, each book has been the treasure chest I have dipped into to find a single jewel, polish it up and offer it to you. This started out as a sermon series in my own church. What I offer here, though, is not a sermon transcription but a piece written from scratch to put over the same message in written form. Be patient: this series will take a long time to complete—you know how many books there are in the Bible!

Shades of Grey
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