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Worshipping TrinityFocus of worship

The songs sung in some churches are, frankly, at the best naff and at the worst sentimental trash. Here is a book that rightly wants worship to refocus more substantially on the Godhead: the Trinity. It is Worshipping Trinity, by Robin Parry (Paternoster, 2005, ISBN 1-84227-347-7).

It's a fairly easy read, thanks to its chirpy style (sometimes unnecessarily slangy), but it has some sound theological truth to convey in the overall context of the worship we offer.

God is 'being in communion'.  (p80)

Spirit-led worship may be found where incense rises and liturgy is sung just as much as it may be found where flags are waved and the singing is in tongues. And the converse is true—all that glitters is not gold, all that shouts and shakes or glows and rises before the Lord is not worship.  (p98)

The Trinitarian view of worship presented by the Bible…does not call people to whip themselves up into a worship frenzy but simply points people to the worship that Christ is currently offering and invites them to join him in it.  (p101)

In contemporary Christian worship one can detect clear trends in certain sections of the church in which the Father is increasingly neglected… Jesus comes to us and invites us to join him in his worship of the Father—so to bypass the Father is to dishonour Jesus.  (p105)

We need to grasp hold of the mystery of the Spirit as an inspiration to worship. People are fed up with the neat 'God in a box' that churches have sometimes served up, and the recovery of the transcendent and mysterious in worship is a positive imperative. So, rather than seeing the mysteriousness of the Spirit as a hindrance to worship, let's use it as an opportunity to refresh worship.  (p118)

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Worshipping Trinity

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