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The scourge of internet porn

Everybody knows that men are far less comfortable than women opening up about their problems, which perhaps explains why books addressing male issues are pretty rare. And when the issue is internet pornography and the associated addictive masturbation, few writers have been bold enough to go to print. But this book tackles the topic head on: Sexual Healing: Identity – Sexuality - Calling by Gerald Coates and Nathan Ferreira (New Wine Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-1-905991-82-2).  

Gerald Coates is the well-known older leader with lots of pastoral experience and a reputation for not beating about the bush. Nathan Ferreira is in his twenties and a walking example of someone liberated from sexual addiction. Together they do a good job, and there are testimonies galore of men helped enormously by this book.

This book is not a great work of literature. Its writing-style is mixed (no surprise with two authors), and so is its approach, which ranges from a ‘tell it like it is’ bluntness to sections with a rather tedious abstract and preachy tone. But it is clearly scratching where many men are itching, and maybe that’s all that matters.

Unusually, I found it hard to find a good selection of ‘quotes piquantes’, but the ones below will give you a flavour. Whether you are struggling personally with internet porn and masturbation or have pastoral responsibility for young men, you will find this book helpful.

[Figure in brackets after the quotations are Kindle location numbers, not page numbers]

Our main concern is how can we help develop strong, reliable, fun-filled, honest, biblically informed men of character and calling in…a disintegrating sexual culture? (103)

It’s amazing how much your life changes when you ask those three questions: how are you spending your time online? Why do you search for the things you do? Is that helpful for your journey? (686)

The original intention seems clear. The norm was, and remains, a man and a woman, in a committed relationship, enjoying intimacy and sex, usually resulting in children. No other model seems approved of anywhere in scripture. (839)

We must make the conscious choice to be ruled not by our bodily desires but by our spiritual yearning for more of God. (1241)

Suicide is the biggest killer of under 35s and dehumanising porn plays a role in that. (1376)

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