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Preach The Word!Preach it, brother!

They say today's folk can't cope with preaching—to stay interested they need a stream of sound-bytes, stories and multimedia. I don't believe it. If the preaching is warm, meaty, crisp and relevant they can comfortably listen for an hour and be blessed.

Preach The Word! by Greg Haslam, ed. (Sovereign World, 2006, ISBN 1-85240-443-4) is a hefty hardback subtitled The Call and Challenge of Preaching Today. Its twenty or so contributors are all experienced preachers and here contribute their insights and wisdom on the subject. It's first-class stuff. If you preach at all, read this book.

No exposition without an appeal, no appeal without an exposition. [John Stott] (p37)

The modern heresy is the idea that God's supreme task is to make life comfortable for us.  [M.Eaton] (p108)

People are not changed by moral exhortation, but by having a transformed imagination. [P.Greenslade] (p120)

Preachers are often told that they should make a distinction between preparing their sermons and their own personal Bible reading. I disagree. [M.Eaton] (p134)

As preachers of the whole counsel of God we have to learn to live with paradox and unresolved mystery. [G.Haslam] (p152)

...the way I seek guidance from the Lord. He is the Boss. It is not my job to try and read his mind: it is his job to tell me. [D.Pawson] (p179)

As preachers we are just the catering corps. Our task is the feed the church to enable them to live in a hostile world, and we must make sure we feed our people well. [S.Reid] (p324

Much preaching today, in an attempt to be relevant, is little more than a chat or talk-show babble, reminiscent of the light and ephemeral entertainment that is provided for the most part on daytime television to amuse those who are confined to the home. [C.Wright] (p384)

Although pluralism prides itself on being tolerant we can be sure it is only tolerant of pluralists! [D.Williams] (p469)

One man pleaded with the leader of his church for opportunities to preach. But he was not a good communicator. He said to his pastor, 'Woe is me, if I do not preach the gospel.' The pastor replied, 'And woe is the people if you do.' [J.John] (p479)

We have lost a sense of the otherness of God. We like to see God as our friend, as our therapist and in other ways which are true. But if he isn't totally other, then he isn't the Lord God Almighty. This, I believe, is the reason why some Christians are turning back to High Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, because they are looking for that otherness, that transcendence, that glory, that majesty of God, which is so little found among us. [S.Brady] (p547)

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