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Mormonism: A Gold Plated ReligionUnderstanding Mormonism

The Mormon faith has had huge success worldwide. But that doesn't make it true or right, and in this eye-opening book we are shown the errors and inconsistencies of the movement through the eyes of a couple who were high up in it but left after becoming believers in Jesus Christ. The book is Mormonism: A Gold Plated Religion, by Mike & Ann Thomas (Reachout Trust, 1997 [2007], ISBN 978-1-898938-32-6).

This is an excellent outline for instructing Christians on how to witness to Mormon friends, or for giving to Mormons to show them the error of their religion.

The Mormon apologist Hugh Nibley has said, 'Of all the churches in the world only this one has not found it necessary to readjust any part of its doctrine in the last hundred years.' This is clearly and demonstrably not true.  (p8)

To a Mormon feelings are of paramount importance. They are more reliable than mere evidence and are a sure indication of truth.  (p103)

In Mormon soteriology the focus is the Garden, not the cross.  (122)

The Book of Mormon is claimed to be a companion to the Bible and has within the past twenty years been subtitled Another Testament of Jesus Christ... Where the two volumes disagree, the Book of Mormon is accepted over the Bible.  (p189)

There have been nearly 4,000 changes to the Book of Mormon, not all of them punctuation, spelling and grammar as Mormons would have us think. Many of them are key doctrinal changes, and they are still being made. As recently as 1978 they changed 'white and delightsome' to 'pure and delightsome' where the Book of Mormon promises Lamanites that their curse of dark skin will be lifted if they repent. (2 Nephi 30:6) This was because modern-day Lamanites who join the church plainly do not change colour.  (p190)

Mormons claim that the Book of Mormon is authenticated by archaeological evidence. No such evidence has been found.  (p191)

It has long been understood amongst the Latter-day Saints that 'when the prophet speaks all debate is ended.' Indeed, if you had to define the seminal message of the Mormon Church it is that men may once again look confidently to prophets and apostles to guide them unerringly in their lives and devotion to God.  (p213)

[More information about the Reachout Trust and its ministry to Mormons go to the Reachout Trust website.]

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