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Light ForceAmong Jews and Arabs

Best known for smuggling Bibles into Communist countries in the last generation, Dutchman Brother Andrew, now in his seventies, has for the last 20 years been in and out of the Middle East bringing the love of Christ to Jews and Arabs alike.

This book—Light Force by Brother Andrew (Hodder & Stoughton, 2004, ISBN 0-340-86272-6)—outlines his many missions, which have often taken him into dangerous situations. He doggedly refuses to adopt either a pro-Israel or a pro-Arab position. Instead, he reaches out with the gospel in an unbiased way to those of both peoples who don't know Christ, and treats as brothers and sisters in Christ the believers among both peoples.

When you offer a Bible to a Muslim, he will never refuse it.  (p152)

People think that Muslims aren't open to Christ, but frankly I think they are closer to Christ than secular Europeans or Americans. [Quoting his friend Labib]  (p187)

Of the seven hundred thousand Arabs who fled or were driven out of Palestine, at least fifty thousand were Christians… Many Christians seemed far more eager to rejoice in the birth of Israel than to understand the suffering of their fellow believers.  (p207-8)

For students in Bethlehem to study and to live the Bible is more dangerous than in any other country in the world, because you are right up against and under the very people that most of the Bible is about. You are very much oppressed by a certain interpretation of the Bible that allegedly delegitimises your right to your land, your God-given identity, and your future. [Quoting Father Du Brul]  (p241)

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Light Force

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