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Holiness And SexualityHomosexuality

There's no escaping this topic as the gay rights bandwagon crushes everything in its path, and there is need for a serious look at the issue from a Christian perspective.

Holiness and Sexuality edited by David Peterson (Paternoster, 2004, ISBN 1-84227-269-1) provides exactly that. It draws together contributions by a variety of authors and looks at every conceivable aspect of the subject in a frank and serious way. It concludes that there is no place at all for homosexuality in a Christian lifestyle.

Although Jesus does not refer explicitly to same-sex intercourse, 'no first-century Jew could have spoken of porneiai (plural) without having in mind the list of forbidden sexual offences in Leviticus 18 and 20 (incest, adultery, same-sex intercourse, bestiality).' [quoting RAJ Gagnon]  (p13)

[Re Romans 1] Although Paul is concerned with homosexual acts, regardless of 'orientation', it must be remembered that the clause in Romans 1:26 is a description of 'sinful passions' (Gk. pathe atimias, lit. 'dishonourable passions,' ESV). This phrase parallels 'the lusts of their hearts' (v24) and indicates that homosexual desires must be included with every other desire that is contrary to God's will.  (p47)

Gay activists highlight the healthy, happy minority of gays as though their existence were evidence for the goodness of certain sorts of same-sex sexual activity. Few people, however, would regard the health and happiness of some racists as a demonstration of the moral legitimacy of racism.  (p65)

Since the law is the revelation of the God who is love in his character, authority and purpose, transgression of the law cannot be loving.  (p70)

The deep, deep failure of the church to believe that temptation to homosexual sin is not sin has made it almost impossible for those confused about or troubled by their sexual orientation to speak honestly or seek counsel. And when one community offers neither understanding nor help in resolving identity pain, it is not surprising that those seeking such help will seek an alternative community.  (p86)

Given what we know of total depravity, the corruption of every dimension of human life by the power of sin, it should not surprise us if at some time it could be demonstrated that orientation to some sins is genetically transmitted. Sin has spoiled our genetic makeup. We should not be surprised if such a predisposition to particular sins is found to be located physiologically in a certain neural morphology. We do not know that this is the case for eating disorders, self-pity, violence, racism, same-sex sexual attraction, or dishonesty. But it would not be surprising, nor would it excuse sin, if it were. While predisposition to sin, orientation to sin, and a fallen nature of a particular shape are not the strict cause of sin, they give no warrant to sin and provide no excuse for sin.  (p113)

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Holiness and Sexuality

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