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From Home To The ThroneGood old Joseph

Joseph has always been one of my favourite Bible characters and my own book Dead Dreams Can Live! is based on one aspect of his adventures.

Now From Home To The Throne by Tony Wastall (LifeSpring Publishing, 2007, ISBN 978-0-9555386-0-5) opens up broader perspectives on Joseph's story, with lots of valuable insights into how we can exercise in everyday life the rule God intends. There are practical questions at the end of each chapter to prod you into action. This is a good read, well-written and down-to-earth.

You can't gauge the presence of God by the favourability of your circumstances. (p53)

What opportunities have you passed over because they came disguised as delays or inconveniences? (p61)

Prison is the house of disappointment, setback and loss. It is the place where you are tempted to ask, 'What were the last ten years all about?' (p81)

We must be prepared for our appointment with destiny when it arrives for it is a moment that knocks without warning. (p102)

People do not come to Christ simply because they have a need but when they feel their need. It wasn't until they were hungry that the people began to turn to Pharaoh, and through him, to Joseph for help. So too, men and women turn to God when all their other options have failed. (p113)

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From Home to the Throne

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