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Biographical Dictionary Of EvangelicalsA 'Who's who?' of evangelicals

Here's a valuable reference book for your bookshelf: Biographical Dictionary of Evangelicals (IVP, 2003, ISBN 0-85111-987-5), edited by my friend and former colleague Tim Larsen.

It's a hefty tome, running to almost 800 pages, but a real gem for bedtime browsing. It lists prominent Evangelical leaders 'from John Wyclif to John Wimber'. The cut-off year of birth is 1935, so some of those listed are still alive and active in ministry.

Such a book, with well over 200 contributors, doesn't lend itself to providing pithy quotations, but you'll find in its pages a wealth of fascinating facts and insights about the life and ministry of some of our spiritual predecessors. I myself was privileged to contribute the article on the late Arthur Wallis.

If, like me, you're re-jigging your personal library to focus less on one-off reads and more on works of reference, this is a book you shouldn't be without. And it is now part of the Logos Bible Software growing list of electronic publications. Go here to check it out on their website.

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Biog Dict of Evangelicals

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