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And Now Let's Move Into A Time Of NonsenseDreadful worship songs

I've been brassed off for ages with the appalling triviality of many so-called 'worship songs' in the evangelical and charismatic wing of the church.

I'm clearly not alone. Nick Page, for one, has been sufficiently provoked to write this book on the subject. It's at the same time hilariously amusing and deadly serious, taking merciless swipes at the naff lyrics and abysmal tunes, yet  remaining positive and focusing all the time on how the problem can be overcome.

The book is And Now Let's Move Into A Time Of Nonsense by Nick Page (Authentic, 2004. ISBN 1-85078-584-8). It is subtitled Why Worship Songs Are Failing The Church. Read it!

[The words] Either they're so banal as to be risible, or they're filled with more biblical imagery than any other book except, well, the Bible. They often don't scan very well; they frequently attempt rhymes that you could only call 'optimistic'; they're often little more than a collection of Bible verses, ripped out of context and shoe-horned into a lyric.  (p2)

Someone once wrote, 'When I became a Christian I stopped telling lies and started singing them.'  (p25)

Worship songs should surely fix on the object of worship, rather than the one worshipping, but at times it's hard to see even a speck of God for the great beam of self-obsession obscuring the view.  (p44)

Inspiration can only take you so far. Inspiration is the fuel that powers the car; but you still have to pass your test. You still have to know how to drive. When it comes to writing words, inspiration is important, but other things come into play as well. Things like vocabulary and rhyme schemes and imagination and invention. The more disciplined you are about your writing, the better your song will be and the more faithfully you will serve the inspiration behind that song.  (p57)

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Bad Worship Songs

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