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Apostolic Networks in BritainCovenant Ministries, New Frontiers etc.

This is history book. It is the fruit of several years' research aiming to bring together the facts about the 'apostolic networks' that emerged in the UK in the 1970s and which have led directly to most of the nation's 'new churches' today.

The book is Apostolic Networks In Britain by Prof. William K. Kay (Paternoster, 2007. ISBN 978-1-84227-409-5). It covers details of the best-known networks led by Bryn Jones, Terry Virgo, Barney Coombs, Roger Forster and others and is based on extensive research and interviews of involved personnel—including myself.

As this will be chiefly a reference book for most people, I am refraining from extracting any quotations but can recommend it as a treasure trove of factual material for all who are interested in this aspect of church life in the UK.

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Apostolic Networks in Britain

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