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Most of my poetry was written in my youth and I find reading it now is rather embarrassing, so you won’t find any of it here!

Instead, here are a couple of more recent offerings that say something about my personal spiritual pilgrimage.

Poetry Spot

Heading Home

Lord of light

  and God of the good times,

Lead me with gladness

  on paths of rejoicing

Up to the city.

Master of darkness

  and Lord of the low times,

Lead as I stumble

  through shadow-filled valleys

Up to the city.


  and great faith-perfecter,

Lead me secure

  amid life's changing fortunes,

Firm in the faith

  and following closely,

Up to the city

  called home.


                            26 March 2000


Home.Arty Bits.Music.Graphic Art.Photography.

In The Night

The small hours, and I surface from deep sleep,
Responsible again for what goes on
Inside my head. Anxieties and fears?
A litany of self-indulgence?  No.
I’ll yield to the default mode of my soul:
High praises to my lovely God and Friend,
Songs in the night.


                            10 December 2009