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Three of my five earlier books were in publication until late 2012. I then decided it was appropriate to call time on keeping them available in hard copy format—it was quite a bit of hassle! All three, however, continue to be available in Kindle format. They are:   

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Originally published in 1987 by Harvestime, Dead Dreams Can Live! came out of some deep personal struggles.

I had been grappling with a major question: why, when I feel I have a clear call from God and set out to obey it, does the path so often seem blocked at every turn? Is this the devil seeking to hinder my obedience to the Lord, or is there perhaps, under God's controlling hand, some deeper and more long-term purpose for me in these frustrations?

Many other Christians, I realised, faced similar difficulties. This book aims to come up with some answers. It is available in Kindle format.

Subtitled God-governed Thought Life, this book, A Sound Mind, was first published by Harvestime in 1987.

Like Dead Dreams Can Live!, it came out of some personal battles as I sought to live in a way pleasing to the Lord. I had long-since realised that the key battle was the battle for the mind, and I wanted to discover how to bring my own mind into submission to Christ, whom I had acknowledged as Lord of my life. I had given several talks on the subject in my local church, and these form the basis of the book, which develops it further.

The mind-battle is still the major one for all of us, and I hope the observations in the still-available Kindle edition of A Sound Mind will help you find your way forward.

The Covenant Meal, a book on the Lord's Supper—or Holy Communion or the Eucharist—was originally published by Harvestime in 1988.

Most Christians see the communion as a major aspect of worship, yet many remain confused as to its practical significance. Is it merely commemorative? Is it just an acted parable become a ritual? Is it a personal thing or does it require corporate participation to make it meaningful? The book, now updated and republished, addresses these and other questions to help us towards 'meaningful communion'—its subtitle.

Whether you're Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant, you'll find something to challenge and comfort here. The book is available in Kindle format.

My other two books are long out of print. Ask around—your friends might have an old copy, or you could try second-hand bookshops. They are:

My Books

Subtitled Where in the world are we going?, this was my first book, originally published by Marshalls in 1985.

It is a practical and non-technical book of what is usually called ‘church history’. It tells in summary the story of the church from Pentecost to the present day, highlighting the movements and trends that have left us with today’s many denominations and ‘streams’.

But it doesn’t stop there. It goes on to ask, ‘Are there any discernible patterns in the church’s history? How do its ups and downs reflect God’s advancing purpose? What can we learn from our past that will keep us on a sounder course for the future?

Part of the School of the Word series, Christian Manhood was first published by Harvestime in 1985.

It's a study manual rather than a straight book, suitable for either group use or personal study. In today’s society, at least in the developed world, the role of the man has become increasingly confused, leaving many men unsure of what manhood really means. This book aims to clarify the situation from a Christian perspective.

Based on the NIV, it comes in seven simple lessons, with fill-in blanks and discussion questions to keep you on your toes.

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My latest book is A Poke In The Faith. Its subtitle tells you what it’s all about: Challenges to evangelical faith and how to survive them.

Here’s the background to it:   

I have always tried to keep up with current thinking on evangelical Christianity. As you know, a large feature of this website is the section where I review theological books, particularly ones that raise questions about traditional views or propose new ways of looking at certain biblical passages.

This challenging of established views has accelerated in recent times. I have been disturbed to keep coming across once-keen Christians, including some church leaders, who, in the face of these challenges, have lost their faith altogether. So I felt maybe the time had come—in my mid-70s—to write a book setting out some of the challenges and showing how they need not destroy a believer’s faith.  

The result is A Poke In The Faith. I have tried in vain to find someone who will publish it! I no longer have the energy to do it myself and produce paper copies via my old imprint, Leaf Publishing, so I thought I would simply make it available in electronic form via this website. You can download the PDF version from the link below for reading on most computers and devices. I have also provided free versions for Kindle and other e-readers.


I’m more than happy for it to circulate for free. Send it on to your friends and contacts as you feel is appropriate. If you have an irresistible impulse to send me a gift to show your appreciation, you can email me from the Home page of this site! I have prayed much over this book, and worked hard to put it together, so I do hope you will find it helpful.

My big concern, of course, is that, for some readers, it may rock their boat—the very opposite of what I’m trying to achieve. Having wrestled with this at length, I’m convinced that is a risk worth taking. Anybody who sticks with the book to the end and takes my advice seriously will, I’m convinced, end up in a stronger Christian place as a result. So read and enjoy…

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