The musical items on this site were scored using an excellent shareware program called NoteWorthy Composer. Currently in Version 2, it saves files with the extension *.nwc

You can download an evaluation copy of Composer from the NoteWorthy site. This has restrictions on the Print and Save functions. Registration, to get the full, unrestricted version, costs $49—see the site for details.

Strapped for cash? Then from the same site you can download instead a FREE applet, NoteWorthy Viewer, which enables you to play NWC files via your sound card and see the notation highlighted as the score plays—you just can’t compose with it.

If Composer is not your thing, I offer an option to download or listen to the items in standard MIDI format.

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Treble clef

Take Bread, Take Wine
- a communion hymn on different aspects of the Lord's Supper

Under Your Rule
- a song of appreciation of Christ's lordship

The Amos Song
- a fun song for children about the prophet Amos

Home.Arty Bits.Graphic Art.Poetry.Photography.