Do you follow a different religion?

So, you’re not a Christian but follow some other major faith? That means you are a Buddhist, a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Shintoist, a follower of Wicca, Transcendental Meditation, Hare Krishna or the Moonies—or whatever.

Human beings are essentially religious. We all have a spiritual dimension that needs to find expression somehow, and the many religions on offer show how different people have responded.

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Another faith?

How Christians view other religions

Pluralism is in vogue today. This is the view that people are free to choose the religion that suits them, that they shouldn't try to press their religion on people who have made a different choice, and that tolerance is the greatest virtue. Pluralism holds that all the religions are different paths leading to the one summit of knowing God.

Certainly all religions contain some helpful insights. But Christians have a problem with pluralism because Christianity is an exclusive faith. While it acknowledges that other religions may contain some aspects of the truth, it maintains that Christianity alone contains the truth. Christians therefore will show due respect for people of other faiths, but they can't help being evangelistic - desiring to steer them towards God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Many religions date back thousands of years and came into being long before Jesus Christ came to earth. They represent ways in which people have tried to find meaning in both life and death outside of God's self-revelation which came to a head in Jesus. Other religions, like Islam, came on the scene more recently and claim to supersede Christianity as a more recent revelation.

Christianity's common ground with other religions

Where Christianity is unique

Watered-down Christianity

It's a sad fact that much alleged Christianity is not real Christianity at all. During the last 2000 years authentic faith in Christ has been watered down in a variety of ways:

If you are wanting to look into Christianity for yourself, it's vital that you look beyond these regrettable factors and see the Christian faith for what it really is—a vibrant, life-changing relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and available to you by his grace.

Investigating Christianity

If you would like a 'no strings attached' opportunity to investigate the Christian faith, I recommend the Alpha course to you. This is an introduction to Christianity where you can ask all the questions you like, where you will not be pressured to accept anything you are not happy with, and where, if you wish, you can drop out at any time. The fact that you may be a serious adherent of another religion is no barrier to attending.

There are literally thousands of Alpha courses running in many countries, and you can find one in your area by looking at the Alpha website.

If you want to know more about basic Christianity, here on my own site is a 12-part course called Beginning with God that you can follow online. If you see it through to the end and want more, there's a follow-on course called Growing in God.

To discover more about Jesus, go to the ReJesus site.

I wish you well as you find your way forward.


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