A fun song for children about the prophet Amos

The Amos Song

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Amos? Who was he?

A grower of figs and a shepherd of sheep.

Amos was also a prophet of God;

This became his second job.


Good old Amos,

Sheep and figs, figs and sheep,

Preached to Israel,

Told them straight and made them weep.


Cross about sin, he could not wait

To go to Bethel and tell them straight:

'Do God's will and mend your ways,

Then you'll have some better days.'


Then the prophet went back to Tekoa,

Again a shepherd and a fig-tree grower.

Said, as he patted a lambkin's head,

'People are daft, give me sheep instead.'


Copyright © David Matthew 2001

The prophet Amos
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The Amos Song